Beholder Factory is a company specialized in providing professional services for the whole or partial creation of tabletop games and their creative background. It was created in order to unite under a single direction all professionals involved in every aspect of the project. By doing so, we can provide the customer with a single contact person to satisfy any needs. Also, this working method allows a premium level of quality, adaptability to customer needs and flexibility to avoid divergences in deadlines and budgets.

...Beholder is the all-seeing eye.


Great ideas, great products

One of our greatest challenges is to reflect clients’ ideas faithfully in the final product. Therefore, from the early stages of design, we take into account the subsequent production process and ensure that all models and components can be produced without complications.


A single objective, different strategies

In Beholder our goal is always customer satisfaction. We study each project in a personalized way, providing a range of solutions that meet the expectations of our clients.


Invest in planning, save on cost overruns

We plan all processes involved in the project beforehand so that all milestones are met on time and without deviations in the budget.



Direct and close communication

In Beholder Factory we assign a director for each project who will act as the sole interlocutor with the client. A single communication channel between the client and all parties involved helps to monitor the process and allows changes or modifications to take place swiftly.



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Phone: (0034) 687 65 08 87 / (0034) 677 25 34 93


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